Transmission Tariff Regulation

A Seminar on Transmission Tariff Regulation took place on the 28/03/2018, at the Mansel hotel. This seminar, in which about 22 members of staff from ARSEL participated, was animated by Dr. William GBONEY, from Ghana.

In the course of the seminar, the participants were enlightened on the following topics :

a)    Transmission System Tariff Objectives, which include :

  • promoting Economic Efficiency;
  • ensuring Price Transparency and Non-discrimination;
  • ensuring Cost Recovery;
  • promoting Open-Access and Competition;
  • the chosing methodology should be simple and easy to implement.

b)    Essential Facilities Doctrine and Impact on Transmission System Pricing. Under this topic the participants learnt the following :

  • what is an Essential Facility?
  • regulation of Essential Facilities;
  • the Unbundling Concept;
  • significance of “Open-Access” Transmission network;
  • Key elements of Open-Access;
  • facilitating the Process

c)    Regulatory Policies for Promoting Competition. Here the participants were briefed on, i) the significance of Electricity Market Restructuring, and ii) the common regulatory approaches used. These include :

  • access Regulation;
  • ownership or vertical separation/unbundling;
  • operational separation/unbundling;
  • accounting separation/unbundling;
  • corporate separation/unbundling;
  • functional separation/unbundling.

At the end of the day, the participants went home satisfied because of the new knowledge acquired.


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