A meeting of the Joint Technical Committee for the follow-up of the three-year rehabilitation program of the SongLoulou hydroelectric power station took place from 22 to 23 February 2018 in Song Loulou. ARSEL was represented by Mr. Samuel NYOBE, Director of Studies (DE).

The Song Loulou hydroelectric facility was commissioned in 1981 for its first phase, and in 1988 for its second phase. As early as 1987, six years after the first groups were commissioned, swelling of concrete were identified in this plant. Subsequently, these phenomena have increased with repercussions at the level of the intake dam, at the level of the spillway and at the level of the installation. 

In order to continue the process of securing this development, the concessionary AES SONEL in 2008, commissioned the ISL engineering office, to conduct a study on the update of the safe state of the Song Loulou hydroelectric power plant. The conclusions of this study led to a global program of rehabilitation of the development estimated at 72 billion FCFA.

To implement this program, the State of Cameroon and the concession holder ENEO signed on the 07/08/2015 the amendment No2 of the framework concession contract which provided for the implementation/execution of the said program in two phases, notably:

  • an emergency three-year rehabilitation program of the Song Loulou dam (estimated at CFAF 11 billion);
  • a decennial rehabilitation program for the Song Loulou dam (estimated at 61 billion CFA francs).

As part of the implementation of this emergency program, a Joint Technical Committee was set up by decision N ° 062 / 15 / MINEE / CAB of 14/09/2015 on the creation, organization and operation of a joint technical committee responsible for piloting the renovation of the Song Loulou structures.

This committee embarked on a meeting to Song Loulou from the 22 to 23 February 2018 under the leadership of the Director of Electricity at the Ministry of Water and Energy (MINEE). The aim of this mission was to take stock of the activities of companies and write the report of 2017 activities for submission to the Minister of Water and Energy.

The committee noted with satisfaction the evolution of work. However, it noted that the companies experienced a delay in the commencement of their activities due to the late signing of contracts, cumbersome procedures for clearance of equipment and poor road conditions between Song Mbengue and Song Loulou.

The committee noted a satisfactory evolution of the work. However, he noted that companies have experienced delays in start-up due to unscheduled contracts on time, cumbersome procedures for clearance of equipment and poor road conditions between Song Mbengue and Song Loulou.

The companies confirmed they worked in perfect harmony with the Enéo project's staff and the rest of the staff at the Song Loulou plant. In addition, payments are regular and cover all activities carried out so far.

The committee recommended an acceleration of the work and a good synergy between the companies and Enéo to better manage the periods of immobilization of the generators so that the demand remains covered during this period.


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