The fortieth (XLth) extraordinary session of the Board of Directors meeting of the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency (ARSEL), held in Maroua, on Friday the twenty third February, 2018, presided over by Mr. Jean Marie ALEOKOL, President of the Board. The General Manager, Mr. Jean Pierre KEDI, ensured the secretariat for the meeting.

Holding at the end of a visit to the LAGDO Dam by the Board members, in prelude to its forthcoming rehabilitation by the State of Cameroon, this fortieth session was dedicated to conforming the basic texts of the Agency, to Law N° 2017/010 of 12th July, 2017, governing public establishments in Cameroon.

After having listened to the presentations of the Management on the work of compliance with the law of reference that have earlier been carried out at ARSEL, the Board members examined the new draft texts elaborated. At the end of their deliberations, the members of the Board of Directors have set up a committee to review the changes proposed by the Management on: (i) the personnel statutes, (ii) the internal rules and regulations; (iii) the organization chart, as well as the draft decree on the organization and functioning of ARSEL. They also decided to review the draft recruitment and appointment procedure, with its recruitment plan model.

The members of the Board also carefully listened to updates on major projects initiated by the Agency, such as the TOUREL project, the cooperation with ANOR, as well as negotiations on a Public – Private Partnership geared towards the setting up of a reference laboratory for electricity regulation. While appreciating the progress made to date, they have recommended to the Management to follow-up these projects to completion.

Finally, the Board of Directors encouraged the Management for the measures taken towards internal professional promotion and the improvement of the working conditions of the personnel, on the one hand, and congratulated the Management for the clarity and the good quality of documents presented, on the other hand.

Done in Maroua, this 23rd day of February, 2018

The President of the Board of Directors

Jean Marie ALEOKOL


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