ARSEL visits independent and auto-producers of Electricity.

The cold and wet tropical climate of the littoral region welcomed a team from the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency (ARSEL), who had embarked on a recovery mission at independent and auto-producers of electricity in the region. Headed by the Director of Economic Control and Competition (DCEC), this team consisted of representatives from the following departments: the Department of Licenses (DGR), the Department of Administrative Affairs, Finance and Human Resources (DAAFRH) along with a representative of the Ministry of Finance at ARSEL.

The purpose of this visit was: (1) to verify the effective functioning of independent and auto-producers of electricity in the region, (2) educate and sensitise new ones on their rights and obligations in the sector, as well as, (3) to assess and recover royalties from the existing ones. In that vein,  moving from Douala to Mouanko, this operation led the team to ENEO, KPDC, DPDC, GUINNESS CAMEROUN SA, ICRAFON SA, CAMLAIT SA, SCTB SA and GFDEE Sarl.

While testifying on the stability they have enjoyed in electricity supply from their auto-production activities, most of these auto-producers confessed they have been forced, to halt their production due to the increased gaz prices. Thus, forcing them to rely on electricity supply from Eneo, which isn’t stable for the efficient performance of their production mechinary. The increase in gaz prices is currently identifed as the cause of the termination of their contract with GAZ DU CAMEROUN, which offered them preferential prices.

On a similar note, the lone independent producer visited, GFDEE Sarl, informed the team from ARSEL that they had shut down their production plant some three years back, due to the high cost of fuel.They are at the moment looking at the possibility of exploiting solar technologies, for the benefit of their clients in the Mouanko area.

Despite these difculties faced by some independent and autoproducers, the recovery team of ARSEL was able to recover close to two billion francs CFA during this mission, which represents royalties for the year 2017 and anterior years as the case may have been.

An independent producer of electricity refers to an individual or company, which produces electricity for sale to other consumers, while an auto-producers refers to an individual or company which produces electricity for its personal use.

Considering the success registered during this recovery mission, the Management of ARSEL has planned to intensify such professional trip, to enable the better understanding of the challenges faced by this group of stakeholders in the sector, while ensuring that they respect the rules and regulations governing the sector.


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