Assistance to Potential Operators.

Within the framework of ensuring the respect of rules and regulations governing the electricity sector, the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency (ARSEL) through the Department of Management provides assistance to promoters seeking to carry out activities in the sector.
ARSEL has had several working sessions with promoters of projects. During these working sessions, promoters are briefed on the different texts governing the electricity sector as well as procedure to acquire titles for the exercise of activities in the sector. Documentation when applying for titles is usually handed over to promoters during working sessions.

Some of the promoters that are currently being accompanied by ARSEL are:
Nachtigal Hydro Power Company:
They are seeking for a concession to build and manage a 420 Mw hydro power plant over river Sanaga. Nachtigal intend to inject the electricity generated by the plant into the national grid.

This company is seeking for a concession to build and manage a 1800 Mw hydro power plant over the river Sanaga. Electricity to be generated shall be injected into the national grid, and part exported to neighboring Nigeria.
Besides big hydro power plants, ARSEL is currently processing applications for the construction and management of mini hydro power plants, solar and other renewable sources of energy.


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