Production of 2016 end of year communication supports

CONSULTATION N°001/DC/ARSEL/DG/DAAFRH/SDAA/CPM/CMPS 2016 of 20 SEPT 2016 For the production of end of year communication supports for the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency for the year 2016.

1. Purpose of the consultation
The Director General of the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency (ARSEL) launches a consultation to solicit the production of end of year communications supports.

2. Consistency of Services
The services to be performed are defined in the listing application file and focus on printing, making of calendars and greeting cards for 2016, as well as the marking and delivery of advertising gimmicks for the Agency.

3. Participation and origin
Participation in this price quote is open to companies specialized in communication, printing, publishing, digital production or other related fields.

4. Financing
Benefits, subject of this consultation will be financed from the 2016 budget of ARSEL, Line 612 081-211.
The expected minimum benefits are specified in the terms of reference.

5. Consultation of the Price Quote Package
The file may be consulted during working hours at the Secretariat of the Procurement Commission of ARSEL, located close to the Orthodox Church in Bastos, P. O. Box 6064 Yaounde, phone 222-21-10-14, on publication of this notice.

6. Acquisition of File
The complete file can be obtained at the above mentioned address,  from the date of publication of this notice, following the payment of a non-refundable fee of twenty five thousand (25 000) francs in one of the following ARMP Accounts in BICEC,  N° 33598860001/44 in Yaoundé and 33598860001/39 in Douala – Bonanjo.

7. Submission of tenders
Each offer drafted in English or French in five (05) copies, one original and four (04) copies marked as such, shall be deposited and a receipt issued at the Secretariat of the Procurement Commission in ARSEL, located near Orthodox Church in Bastos, P.O. Box 6064, Yaounde, phone 222-21-10-11, no later than 20 OCT 2016 at 12 noon local time and will be marked:

Trading application file
No 001 / DC / ARSEL / DG / DAAFRH / SDAA / CMP / 2016 of 20 OCT 2016
For the production of end of year communication supports for the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency for the financial year 2016
"To be opened only during the counting session"

8. Admissibility of offers
To avoid rejection, necessary administrative documents shall be produced in originals or certified true copies. They must be dated less than three (03) months.

9. Opening of tenders
Bids will be opened on 20 OCT 2016 at 2pm by the in the conference hall of ARSEL.

10. Dead Line for Execution
The time limit prescribed by the contracting authority for the production of end of year communication supports is two (02) months, renewable under the authorization of the organ in charge of government contracts.

11. Main eliminatory criteria
     - non-conformity of Administrative file;
     - Production of forged documents or false representation;

12. Evaluation Criteria
The main evaluation criteria are :



1 Presentation of the offer  


2 General reference of the company  


3 Financial capacity (5 000 000FCFA  


4 Knowledge of the Terms of References  


5 Methodology  and organisation  


 13. Tender validity Time
Tenderers are bound by their tenders for 60 days, from the deadline for the submission of tenders.

14. Additional information
Further information may be obtained during working hours at the Headquarters of ARSEL, located next to the Orthodox Church Bastos, Yaounde, P. O. Box 6064, Tel. : 222 21 10 11,  Fax: 222 21 10 14, from the Communication  and Public Relations Unit.


The General Manager

Jean Pierre KEDI



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